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The internet basically we handle all the backend so the client 1 doesn’t have to worry about as far as how their computer is being secured and how the remains and what Exodus ins 1 basically all we control.

How any kind 1 gets out’s actually getting out to their network and the rest of the world okay so I’m on what’s the next time next car a very workload that you get so you expected a very much load or I did not 1 expected.

I expected a varying workload in different senses so yeah I mean if you’re going especially for networking if you’re doing Cisco things like that you’re expecting mostly to deal with I paint schemes routers as far as mostly network management I deal a lot more with servers and everything else.

I thought I was and I like that I actually like the amount of work that you get and you get to learn a lot of different things a lot of times people get shoehorned into just one specific thing at large companies and that’s all they end up knowing so if 1 you get you on into just knowing 1 exchange makes it very hard for you to 1 kind of sell yourself anywhere else for 1 anything.

Besides exchange if that’s all 1 you know sorry do actually like as a 1 network engineer I deal with everything from medical software to server management deployment networking it’s it’s a lot of baring work that you get.

There uh what do you mean by medical software and that is he related to you so as a network engineer of course if you’re setting up servers for a lot of 1 different companies they have different needs so say if you’re working with a medical company.

They have to have a local server that’s hosting their medical records as opposed to the software they access and any other 1 website remote management that they might have on there so you really have to learn you can’t leave a client hanging even though your job.

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