Choosing to Use Stucco Colorado Springs to Remodel Your Home

The southwest and desert regions of the country have traditionally had colorful stucco architecture. And many people began using stucco in the north to mimic the southwest style. It can be a more economical alternative than stone, brick, or concrete in new construction, but it also is used to cover old exteriors and give it a fresh appearance.

Choosing to use stucco for siding is becoming a viable option because it is easy to maintain by painting or pressure washing. It also requires less labor to install than other types of siding. You must hire a professional who knows the product and how to layer it and create different finishes. To find out if stucco is a good option for your home, search online for a local contractor. Stucco Colorado Springs can explain the many advantages of stucco in a Colorado front range climate. You can discuss colors and textures used for interior and exterior projects. Inside walls can have a smooth finish and rounded corners for an authentic southwest design. Exterior stucco may have a rougher finish and must be sealed properly. Find out how long it will take to install, and how soon you can begin. Ask for a detailed estimate.

Stucco is made from limestone or other rock, usually with tough composite material. It does not crack like concrete and will not develop drainage problems like wood or bricks. It is extremely durable. Stucco is a renewable resource, and with average upkeep and maintenance, it can last a lifetime. The first consideration when choosing to use stucco for siding is the location of the siding. It can be used as an accent with other siding materials, cover entire walls, be used on the foundation, and is often used in hardscaping.

In the southwest, the rocks and clay that are used are natural resources and the reason for using the material in that region. As it gained popularity, it is now used throughout the nation. Depending on location, it may cost a little more to get the stucco product or color that you want. Stucco color options can range from a dark brown or terra cotta to a very light gray, depending on the layers of stucco used. Light colors will be ideal for areas with colder climates, such as the north- west. Dark colors are recommended for areas with hot summers, like the southwest. By adding paint, you can have any color you choose.

Installation and preparation of the siding involve time and effort. Look for a licensed professional like Stucco Colorado Springs with the equipment, tools, and experience to do the job. They will check local building codes to find out if the siding style will be accepted by neighborhood or homeowners association. Each state has its own rules and regulations for installing stucco. Stucco can be added over existing siding and trim that would normally be removed when gutting a house. This makes it a great choice for an exterior home makeover.