That is a real emergency so these ones by Moxiecome in a little team case so I think it’s really cool because it’s stupid it’s great if you’ve got a fine you also need a charger so I always carry a backup in seek it as well as in my backpack because you never know if you’re gonna like borrow one to a friend and they’re going to give it back so it’s always good to have a backup so that is it for this video hopefully guys did enjoy it make sure let me know if you’re excited for my back to school videos down in the comments below and also while your there don’t forget to love you doing what date you go back to school but thank you guys so much for watching subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys next time did I remember to do last night’s math homework I should probably check out what’s.

That disgusting smell hot tubs for sale is that my breath I wonder what this is breath mints a band-aid this is exactly what I need guys so today I’m going to filming my first video in my back to school series which is my DIY emergency kit for school and I know um a lot of you guys are probably expecting a birthday haul but I’m going to be pushing that back until I do a few back to school videos um because you’re gonna need back to school videos before my birthday haul because my birthday hall can kind of just be pushed back for as long as possible whereas my back to school videos kind of need to be out before.

People start going to school so anyways I’m really sorry if you are looking forward to a birthday haul I promise that I will do one but it will just be later on so anyways let’s just get right into the video so I’m just going to keep a little running total of everything that I can fit in here just to prove to you guys of how much you can actually fit into a small bag so lets start off with the bag this bag is from target I think it’s like the brand contents or something but it is a perfect size for everything that I needed to put in here if you have to put in more things.