Up that aren’t involved Gordy Oh involve Ron Yates I’ve got more I Maryland by involves oh the list is long but none of them involved me I have been perfect through this whole thing but I’ll tell you the rest of them are something to be ready and Boyd and I and so in our wive sin several other Montanans went to the hundredth anniversary convention of the American Institute of C Pas and this one fellow said boy you can’t believe the funny thing that most strange thing Isa last night and I said what was that.

And he said well we went to the hard rock cafe and he said there was a guy there and all of a sudden he jumped upon the stage ripped open his coat and he had a Superman’s costume on and I said oh Know who that is I can even tell you misname it’s Boyd knees from Butte Montana Ron Yates had like this office in his house and there was a picture in thereof his he was either a son or his daughter that was sitting on the toilet reading like the MS CPA or the Journal of accountancy or something like that and under it said I think it said future CPA with an annual meeting not too long-ago image in my mind of Maryland throwing panties.

At the annual meeting on the this Beatles tribute band in Beatles tribute band and one of the other C Pas got it in his mind that Don’t even know somebody brought it up that said you know oh when the Beatles were playing you know the women used to throw Montana CPA their underwear on the stage noose of our older male C Pas thought it would be a great idea to go down to the local Walmart or Target or whatever twas and buy some ladies underwear and they brought him back to the meeting and pass them out to a few people Marilyn was a woman I was right there with her but and you know eventually we were like the little goo girls up dancing.

By the stage and I think Marilyn was the fir stone that grabbed hers and actually threw them it and then realizing that pathetic president-elect his daddy they’re right next to her and she I don’t know if they were from her personal collection but they were quite large panties but and the poor God just I mean the guy was singing a song he’s in the middle of it and he didn’t even he just kind of stopped and looked.


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