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What Your Customers Really Think About Your Printers For Desktop?

Printers for Desktop to get this printer so when you click on the print button it says let’s set up printing on this mobile device printers for desktop so that’s weird so you already have a printing software but it needs it not another driver for you to actually do the whole print so you say continue and it’ll take you to the HP service plug it print service bloody so you get this on the Play Store install that it’s a very small driver and it’s it’s not an app t’s just a small little plugin so once that’s installed you can actually do the print and it’ll ask you to turn on the service in your Android app store so this particular service is not running so I go to go and turn it on and it’s actually going to find your printer again we’re now back on the same screen of printing and now I click on the print button it’s going to show me all the options I have just like on my desktop so I’m just going to select a file and hit the print button[Music]so once.

A printing starts of course there’s a lot of noise and print finally comes out and I know the color is not matching with whatever I’ve actually printed out that’s because of a problem with my ink cartridges but pretty much a very handy software to print from a more mobile device so the app is also got a lot of other functionalities lets you change printer settings and kind of tells you whether you want to print high quality and stuff like that so you can clear on with this app it’s pretty user friendly and it’s really handy in case you know you have some email that you want to print out and you don’t want to use a laptop it’s very nice to actually.

The convenience of printing it from your mobile device and that’s one of the reasons why I made this video but there’s a lot of people used to ask me how do you print from a mobile device in my previous video so I just thought I’d share this with you guys so I hope you found this video for useful in case you do please give us a thumbs up and kindly subscribe if you haven’t thank you so much for watching our take again I hope to see you in the next one have a good hey everybody its on admin and we’retaking a look today at the HP Office jet mobile printer.

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Business

What you’re done give it a laugh let’s do this together come oncoming off what what I don’t believe that good yeah I was wondering if you’d like to combine forces as that I’m in the process of world domination you come work for me Promise you you will be plentiful with abundance kind of course I’m in the process right now buying outfall the companies down how I have about million cash and taking over the company so that we can dominate the city it’s an evil plan I was wondering if Could speak to manager.

Hi so I’m in the process of world domination and that was hoping that Ivan buy this location off of you cashmere is not franchise you have no understanding I could pay you million dollars cash right now I’m not hey everyone and welcome to EWE day of reckoning – I know that you guys have been asking for it and well here we go we’re gonna be doing story mode we’re doing James Falcon he has some unfinished.

Business from EWE day of reckoning if you guys have not seen that series you should check that out its on my channel there’s an entire playlist for it and after the video it’ll probably be in the cards of this video so all you have to do is press the little I button there in the top right of the video and it will take you right to it baby so let’s go ahead and hop right into the story Oh remember if you guys are watching the video right now on YouTube live.

Or at the FAQ on YouTube itself remember to hit that like button on this video let’s try to get as mantas possible for the return a day of reckoning day of reckoning – I already got James Falcon May we’re ready to go we’re loading it up and as you can see we’re gonna restarting with all my stats started overlook at this.