The Death Of Denver Window Treatments And How To Avoid It

Quarter of an inch but both sides so if I move this all the way over actually I think it is all the way overweight that this still has enough that’ll-actually support the blinds so you just don’t if if this and actually extended out of this bracket then it could actually slip off so you just want to make sure that if if there’s Wigglesback and forth that both of these end brackets will hold.

the blind so just on top I just want to verify that this is generally in the level so I just use a level take a look at it and yes indeed its generate level if it’snot level then you may need to adjust one side of the one bracket so it’s little more level now these are going to be installed just like this with some screws drilled directly into the side here now we could install flush against.

the window we could put them in the middle¬†Denver Window Treatments or you and bring them out in the end typically it looks better if it’s a little farther back but perhaps not all the way up butted to the window if you want to kind of examine your window and make sure that the blinds have free if you lower them they can freely-without any obstacles go all the way down now you look at this the lip of this window here and there is a little bit of a lip so it’s this lip extends a little bit out beyond the window here also when.¬†

this litter lever is out it could catch so don’t want it exactly flushed I think if we bring it out about half an inch should be good so we’re gonna take our little end bracket here and initiallyI’m just going to put a flush put back here and I’m just going to measure kind of do a little n right here and then what I’m going to do is take.

Take The Stress Out Of Used Semi Parts

The extension housing this is an old extension used semi parts housing this is actually a known world-class extension-housing you could use on world-class extensions on world-class transmissions it’s been done before but you can see that this is not a world-class piece meaning that the transmission was you know put together out of a bunch parts but I’m not too happy about level of this dirt on these gears over here like that I don’t like when nobody takes the time to clean out the dirt in between all.

The gears so these years were laying around on the Shelf just puts together without even being cleaned and you notice the sealant here doesn’t even say well the silicone sealant because it was wet still you know that’s problem again with silicone sealant do you can get leaks like this bolt was giving me a hard time trying to get out in close inspection that’s strapped so it’s probably a heel coil in here or the case may be stripped who knows I’ll get to that later all these gears looks fairly good in.

This transmission but the guy obviously does not know how to clean transmissions that well and really is indeed of a good cleaning tank but the engagement teeth on the first and second-speed gears look really good to let’s dig in furtherance here we got one thing if you’re going to put in roll pins make sure you put them in flush so you Montrose half the surface area on the shift forks putting in a rolling pin like this will usually cause a fork to break because it’s not even locating on the top end of the fork the pin is ready to fall out of the bottom this is an early design t fork there’s nothing wrong with.

How To Quit Hot Tubs for Sale In 5 Days

That is a real emergency so these ones by Moxiecome in a little team case so I think it’s really cool because it’s stupid it’s great if you’ve got a fine you also need a charger so I always carry a backup in seek it as well as in my backpack because you never know if you’re gonna like borrow one to a friend and they’re going to give it back so it’s always good to have a backup so that is it for this video hopefully guys did enjoy it make sure let me know if you’re excited for my back to school videos down in the comments below and also while your there don’t forget to love you doing what date you go back to school but thank you guys so much for watching subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys next time did I remember to do last night’s math homework I should probably check out what’s.

That disgusting smell hot tubs for sale is that my breath I wonder what this is breath mints a band-aid this is exactly what I need guys so today I’m going to filming my first video in my back to school series which is my DIY emergency kit for school and I know um a lot of you guys are probably expecting a birthday haul but I’m going to be pushing that back until I do a few back to school videos um because you’re gonna need back to school videos before my birthday haul because my birthday hall can kind of just be pushed back for as long as possible whereas my back to school videos kind of need to be out before.

People start going to school so anyways I’m really sorry if you are looking forward to a birthday haul I promise that I will do one but it will just be later on so anyways let’s just get right into the video so I’m just going to keep a little running total of everything that I can fit in here just to prove to you guys of how much you can actually fit into a small bag so lets start off with the bag this bag is from target I think it’s like the brand contents or something but it is a perfect size for everything that I needed to put in here if you have to put in more things.

What Your Customers Really Think About Your Printers For Desktop?

Printers for Desktop to get this printer so when you click on the print button it says let’s set up printing on this mobile device printers for desktop so that’s weird so you already have a printing software but it needs it not another driver for you to actually do the whole print so you say continue and it’ll take you to the HP service plug it print service bloody so you get this on the Play Store install that it’s a very small driver and it’s it’s not an app t’s just a small little plugin so once that’s installed you can actually do the print and it’ll ask you to turn on the service in your Android app store so this particular service is not running so I go to go and turn it on and it’s actually going to find your printer again we’re now back on the same screen of printing and now I click on the print button it’s going to show me all the options I have just like on my desktop so I’m just going to select a file and hit the print button[Music]so once.

A printing starts of course there’s a lot of noise and print finally comes out and I know the color is not matching with whatever I’ve actually printed out that’s because of a problem with my ink cartridges but pretty much a very handy software to print from a more mobile device so the app is also got a lot of other functionalities lets you change printer settings and kind of tells you whether you want to print high quality and stuff like that so you can clear on with this app it’s pretty user friendly and it’s really handy in case you know you have some email that you want to print out and you don’t want to use a laptop it’s very nice to actually.

The convenience of printing it from your mobile device and that’s one of the reasons why I made this video but there’s a lot of people used to ask me how do you print from a mobile device in my previous video so I just thought I’d share this with you guys so I hope you found this video for useful in case you do please give us a thumbs up and kindly subscribe if you haven’t thank you so much for watching our take again I hope to see you in the next one have a good hey everybody its on admin and we’retaking a look today at the HP Office jet mobile printer.

Everything You Need To Know About Montana CPA

Up that aren’t involved Gordy Oh involve Ron Yates I’ve got more I Maryland by involves oh the list is long but none of them involved me I have been perfect through this whole thing but I’ll tell you the rest of them are something to be ready and Boyd and I and so in our wive sin several other Montanans went to the hundredth anniversary convention of the American Institute of C Pas and this one fellow said boy you can’t believe the funny thing that most strange thing Isa last night and I said what was that.

And he said well we went to the hard rock cafe and he said there was a guy there and all of a sudden he jumped upon the stage ripped open his coat and he had a Superman’s costume on and I said oh Know who that is I can even tell you misname it’s Boyd knees from Butte Montana Ron Yates had like this office in his house and there was a picture in thereof his he was either a son or his daughter that was sitting on the toilet reading like the MS CPA or the Journal of accountancy or something like that and under it said I think it said future CPA with an annual meeting not too long-ago image in my mind of Maryland throwing panties.

At the annual meeting on the this Beatles tribute band in Beatles tribute band and one of the other C Pas got it in his mind that Don’t even know somebody brought it up that said you know oh when the Beatles were playing you know the women used to throw Montana CPA their underwear on the stage noose of our older male C Pas thought it would be a great idea to go down to the local Walmart or Target or whatever twas and buy some ladies underwear and they brought him back to the meeting and pass them out to a few people Marilyn was a woman I was right there with her but and you know eventually we were like the little goo girls up dancing.

By the stage and I think Marilyn was the fir stone that grabbed hers and actually threw them it and then realizing that pathetic president-elect his daddy they’re right next to her and she I don’t know if they were from her personal collection but they were quite large panties but and the poor God just I mean the guy was singing a song he’s in the middle of it and he didn’t even he just kind of stopped and looked.


Seven Great Lessons You Can Learn From Safety Reins

And just cut the yellow safety reins strand once you have one strand of para cord cut Like to take that length and cut all the other ones exactly the same what I meany that is just line it up with your second color or all your other color sand then cut it right where the fir stone you cut ends as you can see I lineup the turquoise color with the yellow at the same length and then I am just going to cut the turquoise color right where the yellow one ends so that way they are the exact same length once you have all of your strands cut to the desired.

length it is time to choose what pattern you want them to be braided into what I mean by pattern that you want ditto go in is you’re going to be braiding it like a normal braid so which two colors or which three if you’re doing nine strands which colors do you want Tobe together so I have no chosen which ones I want to be together so I chose to put the yellow and rainbow together the-pink and the green together and then the blue and the rainbow to be together so since I happen to change my mind constantly.

I decided to go with different colors but once you’ve chosen your colors just line them up just like this and now it’s time to burn the ends you can use a lighter propane torch whatever you have available to you but what you’re going to do is you’re just going horse reins to burn the ends together so they’ll stick and won’t fall apart on you so as you can see I have done one of these sections and now I am just going to go through all the other three and attach them together and then I am going to touch all three of the different sections into one so as you can see I have now just finished attaching the mall together so they are all stuck at the top and once you have done this you can go ahead and start reading go ahead and attach your clip or paper clip anything that you can use to hook it onto a stiff surface.


Why Is Omaha Landscaping Company So Famous?

vendors I’ve ever dealt with easing what we wanted to do without backyard they had a multitude of ideas ideas things I’d never even conceived of doing in our backyard different textures different materials Mean definitely mixed media in terms of what they could provide that just blew me away the knowledge of how to nothings and how to bring my my dreams and my ideas to life the outdoors is definitely a special destination for myself but not only myself my family my children you know we spend.

A lot of time I specifically spent a lot of time in an office all day long so to have that ability to have that relaxing plays that peaceful place not just to come out andin barbecue but play games with my kid sand talk with them and have a great conversation at the end of every day and I wanted to place that special destination for my family again and going back to trusting the right people to deliver that is very important and you know he always finding the right partner is very important Believe that’s Hypocrisy.

kola forest green lawn and landscaping ah well forest green is a lot of landscaping company basically serving any needs solving problems foray customer with any lawn or landscaping visions ideas or problems you may have my wife and I started-our business Omaha landscaping company when we were in college Shad a lot of experience we need to make money for college so because of that restarted for scream lawn and landscaping with the experience we had before that the fun we’ve had owning the company we basically it’s our lifelong journey now lawn care services landscaping company in Omaha is one of the main things we started with the company still-one of the biggest part of our business-that we have its monthly fertilization treatments customization programs we control fertilizer insecticide fungicide anything at all to make your long looks nice.

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Business

What you’re done give it a laugh let’s do this together come oncoming off what what I don’t believe that good yeah I was wondering if you’d like to combine forces as that I’m in the process of world domination you come work for me Promise you you will be plentiful with abundance kind of course I’m in the process right now buying outfall the companies down how I have about million cash and taking over the company so that we can dominate the city it’s an evil plan I was wondering if Could speak to manager.

Hi so I’m in the process of world domination and that was hoping that Ivan buy this location off of you cashmere is not franchise you have no understanding I could pay you million dollars cash right now I’m not hey everyone and welcome to EWE day of reckoning – I know that you guys have been asking for it and well here we go we’re gonna be doing story mode we’re doing James Falcon he has some unfinished.

Business from EWE day of reckoning if you guys have not seen that series you should check that out its on my channel there’s an entire playlist for it and after the video it’ll probably be in the cards of this video so all you have to do is press the little I button there in the top right of the video and it will take you right to it baby so let’s go ahead and hop right into the story Oh remember if you guys are watching the video right now on YouTube live.

Or at the FAQ on YouTube itself remember to hit that like button on this video let’s try to get as mantas possible for the return a day of reckoning day of reckoning – I already got James Falcon May we’re ready to go we’re loading it up and as you can see we’re gonna restarting with all my stats started overlook at this.