Seven Great Lessons You Can Learn From Safety Reins

And just cut the yellow safety reins strand once you have one strand of para cord cut Like to take that length and cut all the other ones exactly the same what I meany that is just line it up with your second color or all your other color sand then cut it right where the fir stone you cut ends as you can see I lineup the turquoise color with the yellow at the same length and then I am just going to cut the turquoise color right where the yellow one ends so that way they are the exact same length once you have all of your strands cut to the desired.

length it is time to choose what pattern you want them to be braided into what I mean by pattern that you want ditto go in is you’re going to be braiding it like a normal braid so which two colors or which three if you’re doing nine strands which colors do you want Tobe together so I have no chosen which ones I want to be together so I chose to put the yellow and rainbow together the-pink and the green together and then the blue and the rainbow to be together so since I happen to change my mind constantly.

I decided to go with different colors but once you’ve chosen your colors just line them up just like this and now it’s time to burn the ends you can use a lighter propane torch whatever you have available to you but what you’re going to do is you’re just going horse reins to burn the ends together so they’ll stick and won’t fall apart on you so as you can see I have done one of these sections and now I am just going to go through all the other three and attach them together and then I am going to touch all three of the different sections into one so as you can see I have now just finished attaching the mall together so they are all stuck at the top and once you have done this you can go ahead and start reading go ahead and attach your clip or paper clip anything that you can use to hook it onto a stiff surface.


Why Is Omaha Landscaping Company So Famous?

vendors I’ve ever dealt with easing what we wanted to do without backyard they had a multitude of ideas ideas things I’d never even conceived of doing in our backyard different textures different materials Mean definitely mixed media in terms of what they could provide that just blew me away the knowledge of how to nothings and how to bring my my dreams and my ideas to life the outdoors is definitely a special destination for myself but not only myself my family my children you know we spend.

A lot of time I specifically spent a lot of time in an office all day long so to have that ability to have that relaxing plays that peaceful place not just to come out andin barbecue but play games with my kid sand talk with them and have a great conversation at the end of every day and I wanted to place that special destination for my family again and going back to trusting the right people to deliver that is very important and you know he always finding the right partner is very important Believe that’s Hypocrisy.

kola forest green lawn and landscaping ah well forest green is a lot of landscaping company basically serving any needs solving problems foray customer with any lawn or landscaping visions ideas or problems you may have my wife and I started-our business Omaha landscaping company when we were in college Shad a lot of experience we need to make money for college so because of that restarted for scream lawn and landscaping with the experience we had before that the fun we’ve had owning the company we basically it’s our lifelong journey now lawn care services landscaping company in Omaha is one of the main things we started with the company still-one of the biggest part of our business-that we have its monthly fertilization treatments customization programs we control fertilizer insecticide fungicide anything at all to make your long looks nice.

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Business

What you’re done give it a laugh let’s do this together come oncoming off what what I don’t believe that good yeah I was wondering if you’d like to combine forces as that I’m in the process of world domination you come work for me Promise you you will be plentiful with abundance kind of course I’m in the process right now buying outfall the companies down how I have about million cash and taking over the company so that we can dominate the city it’s an evil plan I was wondering if Could speak to manager.

Hi so I’m in the process of world domination and that was hoping that Ivan buy this location off of you cashmere is not franchise you have no understanding I could pay you million dollars cash right now I’m not hey everyone and welcome to EWE day of reckoning – I know that you guys have been asking for it and well here we go we’re gonna be doing story mode we’re doing James Falcon he has some unfinished.

Business from EWE day of reckoning if you guys have not seen that series you should check that out its on my channel there’s an entire playlist for it and after the video it’ll probably be in the cards of this video so all you have to do is press the little I button there in the top right of the video and it will take you right to it baby so let’s go ahead and hop right into the story Oh remember if you guys are watching the video right now on YouTube live.

Or at the FAQ on YouTube itself remember to hit that like button on this video let’s try to get as mantas possible for the return a day of reckoning day of reckoning – I already got James Falcon May we’re ready to go we’re loading it up and as you can see we’re gonna restarting with all my stats started overlook at this.